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How Dry Rot is Fixed

Dry rot refers to wood that has rotten behind a covering of metal or paint. Dry rot starts when water comes in between the wood and that surface covering it. This usually leads to decay and damage to the wood. This also happens in places where there was poor installation work done, such as on windows and decks. As these surfaces get wetter, so does the rotting spread.

You shall see two solutions being offered when it comes to dealing with the dry rot. There is where they may have to replace the entire boards or parts of those boards patched. Replacement is where they remove the entire rotten board or pieces. This shall need there to be another new piece ready for the replacement. You can go for real wood or a composite. There real wood to be used has to be primed and sealed. It is not wise to prime the exposed bits only. This shall leave the wood exposed to dry rot in a little while. It is important that all surfaces are primed, whether they will remain exposed or not, to be sure that you will not face any dry rot issues. Get to know more at

In terms of patchwork, you need a skilled carpenter to come to remove the rotten sections or the board or beam, and fix it accordingly. There is the use of a wood sealer, or wood and epoxy. To prevent future cases of dry rot, they will ensure there is total drying and sealing on those parts. This is how you get to save large portions of wood that was still usable. The kind of work done may even leave the area free of any marks that show it was disturbed in any way. This only works where the dry rot was detected early enough. If the rot had gone on for too long, you can only count on a replacement job to give you the right results.

You will have to look for professional services when it comes to dealing with such problems. You can expect an analysis of the situation first, followed by the right advice as per their findings. They shall then give you an estimate of this work, and if it is agreeable, they shall proceed to handle it. They should only ask for payment once they have done the job you expected them to. Where you are asked for upfront fees, you need to move on. Only go with those that assure you of a great surface after they are done, to be certain you are getting the best possible services. This is where service crews that have skilled and experienced members should be left to do such work.

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